The Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force, SOMOS, Inc. and the City University of New York (CUNY) offer a summer internship opportunity in New York City for students who have completed the Model New York State Senate Session Project.  The Model New York State Senate Session Project has served over 1,000 students in its 22 year history.  Project participants have gone on to legislative service and careers in government and public affairs.  Many more Model Senate students and alumni continue to seek hands-on experience in legislative service, so that they can master the job skills necessary to provide community outreach and relations.

The Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force Intern Program (Somos CUNY Summer Intern Program) will extend this learning by providing qualified individuals with the opportunity to learn by conducting field research on key policies affecting the Latino/a community. Once selected, participating students will learn first-hand how New York State government makes policy and serves the needs of diverse communities around the City of New York. The Program is coordinated by the CUNY Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government & Public Affairs COSA.

The interns are assigned research teams and under the guidance and supervision of the Summer Internship Coordinator, each team is conducts legislative research on an issue and/or current legislative bill of import to the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force and its members (topics to be selected by the placement offices in collaboration with the Task Force). Research will be guided by occasional input from the on-site supervisor.

The research will take place over the course of six weeks during the summer. At the conclusion of the internship each team will have produced an analysis of their assigned policy issue and/or legislation. Draft papers will be presented to the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force and its members for use as supporting evidence and documentation for ongoing policy and legislative procedures and agendas.