The Model New York State Senate Session Project is an annual leadership development program, run by the ETR Internship Program in collaboration with the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force of the New York State Legislature and the State University of New York. Each year, more than 60 CUNY and SUNY students are brought together for a series of intensive training seminars on state policy formulation, legislative processes, representation and leadership. CUNY students are selected for participation from their home campuses through the offices of their respective college presidents, provosts and student affairs officers. The ETR Internship Program coordinates the selection process for CUNY. The seminars include visits from prominent NYS legislators and guest lecturers. The program culminates with students debating bills on the floor of the New York State Senate chamber in Albany. Students are also given the opportunity to compete for scholarships. Through participation in the process of legislative decision-making, students further their organizational, research and public speaking skills by means of model legislative seminars. By working on a legislative agenda that they develop, the students play an integral role in their pursuit of a public-service education. Moreover, they are introduced to a “hands-on” approach to involvement in the political and policy processes that affect them, their families and their communities.


Students are nominated to participate by their respective campuses.
Students should not apply directly to participate.
Students interested in participating should contact their Student Affairs Department for more information.
Minimum requirements: 30 credits earned and a minimum 2.5 GPA.
Students are required to attend four training seminars.
All majors may apply.

If you are a former Model Senator and would like to update your contact information, download the Model New York State Senate Session Project Alumni Information Update Form and send the completed form to