What are the academic requirements for the internships? Do I need to be in a specific major? Am I eligible for the program?

On most campuses, the internships are open to juniors and seniors and highly qualified sophomores. (Some campuses may require junior status.) Any major may apply. Some campuses may require that students take an introductory political science/government/public administration/management course to be eligible. The Internship Program also recruits CUNY students for various programs in Washington, Albany and New York City that require minimum GPAs and have a separate application process.

Where do the internships happen? Can I find my own internships? How do I find an internship?

Internships take place in a variety of places, including the offices of local elected officials, government agencies, advocacy organizations, community organizations and the judicial system. You can also find your own in consultation with the campus faculty coordinator. In most cases, faculty members will be able to recommend a placement according to the student’s interests and the program’s resources.

Can I get academic credit for the internship?

Yes. By enrolling in the internship seminar course, you may receiveĀ 3 to 12 (if done more than once) credits per semester.

Do I get graded for the internship?

Yes. When you do the internship in conjunction with the seminar course, you will receive a grade.

Do I get paid?

Some internships, including the NYS legislative internships, Caucus CUNY Scholars Program, Women’s Public Service Internship Program and the Washington, D.C. Program, offer a monetary award to offset tuition and living costs. Some internships can also lead to future employment (depending on your performance during the internship).

I did an internship once. Can I do another?

Yes. Most CUNY colleges allow a student to do an internship more than once, however, you may do an internship on a volunteer basis as many times as you like. Some colleges have a limit on the number of credits you can receive toward your major or degree through internships.

More questions?
Speak to your Campus Faculty Coordinator.