Welcome Message from the Director

Welcome to the CUNY-ETR Internship Program in Government and Public Affairs. This is a truly unique program. I continue to feel immense excitement at working with such a distinguished group of students, faculty and administrators. In 2001, a time of major challenges throughout New York and the nation, the Program was renamed in honor of Edward T. Rogowsky, a beloved professor who dedicated his life to combining education and public service. Anyone who studied with Ed Rogowsky can attest to his desire to build civic capacity among his students, while expanding their academic successes and community mindedness. It is in that spirit that I view our mission today: To carry on Ed’s mantle at the City University; to provide CUNY student interns with multiple opportunities to experience action in the public interest; to help them discover who they are by helping others; and to give them the opportunity to see, first-hand, that scholarship and service may be vehicles to personal fulfillment in the midst of making things better for their fellow citizens.

I hope this will be one of many visits to our website. The site will help you to learn more about our public service internships and civic engagement programs, which we offer in New York City, Albany, and Washington DC. It will also enable you to learn about the successes of our alumni and our ongoing efforts to support academic progress at CUNY, while preparing its students for a complex world outside of the classroom.

Don’t be shy, If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask for it.

Anthony J. Maniscalco, Ph.D.


Mission statement

The mission of the Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government and Public Affairs is to bridge the gap between study and civic engagement in and outside the classroom. The Program is designed to equip its diverse student body with the skills necessary to ensure success in a dynamic public-sector environment. Students and faculty from a wide range of academic disciplines are brought together with elected officials and other practitioners to produce the Program’s unique learning experience. Students are afforded opportunities at all levels of government. They are placed in the offices of city, state and federal legislators; in government agencies; in neighborhood and community organizations; even in international organizations.


Despite this diversity of placements, each student intern comes away from his or her experience with a universal lesson: “I can make a difference!”